CV Tips

AVP – IBD Legal      Hong Kong      2-5 years      More Info
Head of Legal and Compliance       Hong Kong      10-15 Years      More Info
Funds Lawyer      Hong Kong      5-8 Years      More Info
Projects & Energy      Singapore      6-10 Year      More Info
Insurance      Hong Kong      5+ Years      More Info
Investigation Counsel      Hong Kong      3+ Years      More Info
IP Partner      Hong Kong      10-15 Years      More Info
Restructuring Counsel/Partner      Singapore      7+ Years      More Info
Corporate      Singapore      3-6 Years      More Info
Disputes Resolution      Hong Kong      7+ Years      More Info
Corporate Finance      Hong Kong      4-6 Years      More Info
Litigation Partner      Offshore firm      BVI      More Info

The purpose of your CV is to secure an interview. Research shows that the initial review of your CV will take between two and three minutes and so it is essential that it is well presented, easy to read and focuses on your key experience and achievements. Ensure that your CV is well formatted on screen as well as on paper.

A well laid out CV will include sections on the following:

Personal Information

  • Full name
  • Contact details – include telephone and email
  • Work permit requirements (if any)
  • Language capability (written and spoken). Do not
    exaggerate your fluency as you may be tested at interview
  • Notice period / availability


  • University Degree
  • Post graduate qualifications
  • Name of establishment
  • Year of graduation
  • Professional qualifications and year achieved
  • Date and jurisdiction of admission

Employment History

Set out your employment history in reverse chronological order with relevant dates and a list of your experience and responsibilities. Use bullet points where possible.

  • Include the month and year for each period of employment together with the relevant job title.
  • Detail your experience under each employer including type of matters worked on (naming clients where possible) and your specific responsibilities
  • Do not leave out any period of employment as this may prove difficult to explain at interview


This section should be no longer than one or two lines. Only include interests that you are happy to discuss in detail at interview.


  • Restrict the length to no more than two or three pages
  • Attach your academic transcript where possible
  • Make headings clear and consistent
  • Use bullet points where possible
  • Provide the greatest detail on your most recent or relevant job
  • Spell check your document


  • Begin your CV with a personal statement of your attributes/objectives
  • Include photographs
  • Exaggerate your experience
  • Include salary information
  • Make spelling mistakes