Lindsey Sanders

Lindsey graduated with a BA (Hons) in Psychology & Sociology from the University of Nottingham in 1994. She began her career in legal recruitment in the UK in 1997 before relocating to Hong Kong in 2000 where she spent six years with a leading recruitment consultancy covering private practice and in-house. Lindsey has placed associates, partners and teams across a range of disciplines at international firms in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo, and has successfully completed a number of assignments at global investment banks, financial services organisations and Fortune 500 companies. She also has a strong track record of placing law firm management professionals at international law firms in Hong Kong.

Lindsey Sanders, Managing Director

Tel: +852 2537 7409 Email:
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  • Legal Counsel   Hong Kong   4-8 years more info
  • Company Secretary   Hong Kong   6-10 years more info
  • Funds Counsel/Senior Associate    Hong Kong   6-8 years more info
  • Regional Legal Counsel   Hong Kong   3-6 years more info
  • Litigation   Hong Kong   4-6 years more info
  • Corporate   Hong Kong   NQ-4 years more info
  • Asset Finance   Hong Kong   NQ-5 years more info
  • People Development Manager   Hong Kong   8-15 years more info
  • Funds Services   Hong Kong   5-10 years more info
  • US/UK Funds    Hong Kong   3-5 years more info
  • Corporate   Beijing   2+ years more info
  • Commercial    Hong Kong   5-8 years more info
  • Banking & Finance   Hong Kong   2-4 years more info
  • In-House Litigation   Hong Kong   3-5 years more info
  • Arbitration   Hong Kong   1-3 years more info
  • M&A/PE Counsel   Hong Kong   5+ years more info
  • IBD   Hong Kong   2-4 years more info
  • Legal Counsel   Hong Kong   2-4 years more info
  • DCM   Hong Kong   3-5 years more info