Our Team

Our specialist consultants provide detailed market-specific knowledge and up to date information on job opportunities, salaries and market trends and can also offer an international overview of the legal market through our alliances with established legal recruiters in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and India.

Lindsey Sanders, Managing Director

Tel: +852 2537 7409 Email: lsanders@lewissanders.com
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Emily_Lewis.jpgEmily Lewis, Managing Director

Tel: +852 2537 7408 Email: elewis@lewissanders.com
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Eleanor Cheung, Head of In-House

Tel: +852 2537 7416 Email: echeung@lewissanders.com 
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Jenny Law, Head of Private Practice

Tel: +852 2537 7448 Email: jlaw@lewissanders.com
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Chris Chu, Senior Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 7415 Email: cchu@lewissanders.com
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Karishma Khemaney, Senior Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 0895 Email: kkhemaney@lewissanders.com
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Ivy Ng, Senior Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 7144 Email: ing@lewissanders.com
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Teagan Jones, Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 7419 Email: tjones@lewissanders.com
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Camilla Worthington, Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 7413 Email: cworthington@lewissanders.com
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Iris Ting, Associate Consultant

Tel: +852 2537 7890 Email: iting@lewissanders.com
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  • Associate General Counsel   Hong Kong   10+ years  more info
  • M&A/PE Associate   Hong Kong   NQ-1 year  more info
  • Derivatives Legal Counsel   Hong Kong   4-8 years more info
  • Chief Compliance Officer   Shanghai   7-9 years more info
  • Real Estate Associate   Hong Kong    1-3 years more info
  • General Counsel   Hong Kong   9+ years more info
  • Regulatory Defence Lawyer   Hong Kong   4-10 years more info
  • Financial Regulation - Senior Associate   Hong Kong   7-10 years more info
  • In-house Litigator   Hong Kong   3 - 6 years more info
  • US Associate   Hong Kong   4-7 years more info
  • Equities Lawyer    Hong Kong   4-8 years more info
  • Mid-level Derivatives and Structured Finance Associate   Hong Kong   4-7 years more info